Which Wich Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn free wiches?
You earn points for every dollar spent at Which Wich (except for Gift Card purchases.)

How many points do I need to earn a Free Wich?
A free Small Wich is earned for every 75 points.

Do I get points for Catering orders?
Yes, points are earned the same way for catering orders.

Do I get points for online orders?
Yes. You must first create an online ordering login (currently a separate account from your Rewards or Vibe Club login), then add your card number to your online ordering profile.

I prefer Bowls/Medium/Large wiches – do I still get a free wich?
Yes, the value of a free Small Wich will be deducted from your Bowl/Medium/Large wich

Can I redeem more than one reward (Free Wich) on a single check?
Yes. If you have multiple rewards (Free Wiches) in queue, they will be redeemed as they are ordered.

Why don’t I get points for purchasing a Gift Card?
Points are only rewarded when Gift Card is redeemed.

Does a Loyalty card need to be registered to earn points on the card?
No, but rewards cannot be redeemed until the card is registered.

Why do I have to give my phone number to register my card?
If you forget your card, you can use your phone number at the cashier to earn points.

Why do I have to join the Vibe Club when I register my card?
Communication about card balances, rewards, and bonus events may come through Vibe Club emails.

I’m having trouble registering my card, what should I do?
Contact guest relations here. Be sure to include the card and pin number you are trying to register, along with all information from the registration form.

Why can’t I see my points online?
Rewards points make take up to 24 hours to post online.

Can I receive points if I forget my card?
Yes, if your card has been registered the cashier can use your phone number. Otherwise, keep your receipt, register your card, then use the online form to request credit for the purchase. You may also use the online form HERE to request points for online orders.

I lost my card, what can I do?
If you have registered your card you can continue to use your phone number to earn points and redeem rewards. If your card was registered and you would like a new card, you can get a new card from your local Which Wich and use the form here to request the points to be transferred to a new card. If your card was never registered it is not possible to recover the points.

I have two cards, can the points be combined?
Points can be combined from multiple cards in some cases. You will need card numbers and PINs for all cards involved. Complete the form here to request cards to be combined.

Are there any other ways to earn rewards?
Yes! Additional rewards may be available in some stores from time to time. Look for news about bonus offers and events in emails from the Vibe Club.